Let’s fight childhood cancer together!

An NGO company, The Better World, is operating out of hope that we can help those children and parents with dreams to live strong and healthy.
As a part of the efforts, HENGAN=HENGAO challenge was created as an easy tool for everyone to join. HENGAN=HENGOA literally means “Strange face” and also spoken when someone makes a funny comical facial expressions.


Do you know about child cancer?

Childhood cancer is defined as a new living organism which affects kids from ages 0 to14 years old. In reality, most childhood cancers are diagnosed between the ages of 0 to 4 years old. It is also a known fact that morbidity is greater in males than females by a small margin when diagnosed with cancer.

Do you know the number one cause of children’s death today? Except for car accidents, it is Childhood cancer: Total number of 250,000 around the world with one in every one hundred child living today.

Unlike adult cancer, childhood cancer is not related to the habits you create. In most cases, childhood cancer is a curable disease. Detecting cancer early and performing adequate care, the likelihood of curing cancer increases by 70%.

Using the support from our sponsors, we are dedicated in working through entertainment events, volunteerism companies to raise awareness about this disease.

Did you know laughing is a great way to reduce stress and increase immunization rate?

By uploading HENGAN=HENGAO pictures/video on SNS sites like Facebook and YouTube, we are expanding awareness to everyone about childhood cancer. The purpose is to ease the pain for the diagnosed children and their parents by providing comfort and laughter. Also we are raising funds to cure this disease.

Let's Challange!

For those posting their HENGAN=HENGAO photo/video and with the most votes will receive the “Famous HENGAN=HENGAO” Award.

How to challenge

Within 24 hours of being challenged, participants must take a pictuer or record a video of yourselves in continuous footage. To announce your acceptance of the challenge followed by doing HENGAN=HENGAO. Then the participant can nominate a minimum of three other people to participate in the challenge.
To complete your challenge, post your video, picture on facebook, twitter or YouTube by using hashtag as #HENGANChallenge or #HENGAOChallenge.
Whether people choose to donate to Triple Crown Foundation Inc, perform the challenge, or do both varies.

Note: HENGAN=HENGAO challenge can apply to animals such as cats, dogs and etc. as well.

Let's try HENGAN=HENGAO Challenge

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